My roles within this project:

  • Interaction Design
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • User Testing
Groupackage logo

Groupackage revolves around the idea of sharing deliveries with family members or roommates.

Two screens from the app

The user can add packages via a Track & Trace code, then create a group to share that information with others. A group member can be assigned to a package, meaning (s)he will become responsible for it's arrival.

Two screens from the app

The focus of this project was the 'feel' in 'look & feel'. The application should always feel like a secure and friendly place. It should feel like there's always a solution.

Animation from the prototype

The prototype embodies three main elements; the onboarding, creating an account and adding a package. These elements were tested with potential users. The main lesson learned from these user tests was to give more context within the app, explain more what they are able to do and why. This was achieved with the addition of a short onboarding that explains what can be done with the app.