My roles within this project:

  • UX Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • User Testing
Deliverbee logo

There’s a growing interest in city logistics, as consumers can have their packages the same day. More company’s also offer ways to pick and choose delivery times and locations, suited to the needs of the consumer. Customers want to indicate when and where they want their parcels to be delivered. They also want to track the deliverer in real time.

Showing the three devices; mobile, tablet, smartwatch

Deliverbee focusses on the dynamics between the deliverer and the consumer.

During the delivery of a package, the customer is able to send a request to the driver. With this request, they are able to reroute the delivery, even when the driver is on his way.

Showing the three devices; mobile, tablet, smartwatch

The customer asks for the driver to come to his/her current location for instance (instead of the original delivery location). They can choose a new timeframe if needed. A tip can be attached to the request, so the driver has an extra reason to accept the request.

Showing the three devices; mobile, tablet, smartwatch

The design is tested with multiple potential users. The most important improvement was to create a specific focus for the system. Not trying to solve everything at once, but start with one main idea and build from there.