NS stories

My roles within this project:

  • Visual Design
  • Frontend development
  • Interaction Design

The interactive prototype can be seen here: NS 99 stories

In this project I worked on designing and developing a website that made it able to read stories whilst commuting. I choose to create a website for the NS customers. Because users use all sorts of devices when traveling, the website should have a good user experience on all these devices.

home pagina ontwerp

The project represented an entire design process. I started with writing job stories, then sketched wireframes, designed the visuals and build the pages in html/css.

ontwerp verhaal ongeluk

The users should be able to create an account with which they can save stories and comment on them.

micro interactie voorbeeld

The stories each have a distinct visual style. The style is not only visual, but in some cases interactive as well. The story 'Enigzins aan de omslachtige kant' (Somewhat on the cumbersome side) for instance, was actually cumbersome to read. To read the next sentence, the user is asked to do something (useless).

ontwerp verhaal omslachtig