Trip planner

My roles within this project:

  • Interaction Design
  • UX Design
twee schermen van de app

During my time as a UX Designer at Favoroute I've worked on some really cool and interesting projects. One these projects was based on a concept that would enable people to create their own routes.

twee schermen van de app

The user would be able to plan and create an entire trip from scratch. This would include different spots they saved, notes they made or day routes. The application would help the user in the planning phase (before the trip), during the trip and after.

twee schermen van de app

It would use the data that already exists in the Favoroute app, but give the control to the user. After a trip, the users would be able to share (part of) their experience with others.

The focus in this (early) phase of the project was to guide the user for their first use. The challenge was giving the user all the functionalities without it feeling overwhelming.